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imageIn the affidavit in support of the www.nrilegalservices.me petition he averred that on one of the days of counting. 33-C(1) can only be www.nrilegalservices.me those which are referrable to settlement, award or the relevant provisions of Ch. We are unable http://nrilegalservices.me to hold that nrilegalservices.me the objection though nrilegalservices raised was not urged before the Labour Court, and on that account to confirm www.nrilegalservices.me the decision of the Labour Court which until the matter in controversy was decided could not be nrilegalservices rendered. Before the trial of the election-petition the election- nrilegalservices.me petitioner filed an application for permission to.

On leaving, claimants can apply to charitable or voluntary providers but there is no guarantee of success. In January 2008 an agent brought her three children to Italy to join her: M, D and Y. "Asylum seekers are accommodated in a reception centre for long enough for the Territorial Commission to evaluate their claims. On 16th March 1968, in supersession of the show cause notice dated 25th August 1967, a further notice was addressed to both the appellants to show cause within 14 days why adjudication proceedings under s.

A similar show cause notice was issued to the first appellant in. Act also necessitated that the question of liability to pay retrenchment compensation be first determined; (iv) Whether in view of ss. This requires a fiscal code number, which in turn depends on having an address which can be verified by the police. MA is an Eritrean woman who reached Italy in 2005 and in April 2006 was accorded refugee status there on the ground of fear of persecution as a Pentecostal Christian.

09, that he held the amount in a bank in Sweden instead of offering it to the Reserve Bank of India and thereby contravened ss. No other affidavit of persons who could have had personal knowledge of the matter was flied. (1) that the scope of s. Goyal on behalf of the workmen that this plea was not raised or argued before the Labour Court, and it cannot be permitted to be raised in this Court. he was the counting agent of the defeated candidate and had personal knowledge of Such improper rejection and acceptance.

Industrial Disputes Act, 1947; (ii) Whether the Labour Court had jurisdiction under s. But this contention was raised in the reply filed by the Company, and the judgment of the Labour Court does indicate that its authority to decide that question was disputed. V of the sixth schedule thereto, the liability to pay retrenchment compensation was that of the Board and not that of the company; (v) Whether the claim of the Lucknow workmen for compensation for earned leave not enjoyed by them was allowable.

SPRAR will either provide accommodation or transfer the claimant to a public or private local provider. 23D of the Act should not be held against them in respect of the balance of Sw. It provides food and lodging and courses designed to assist integration, but (with few exceptions) the limit of stay there is six months. 57 (iii) Whether s. 6 & 7 of the Indian Electricity Act, 1910 and ss.

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