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Some decades ago Scientists and physicians came to the understanding that pesticides were harmful to humans. It was revealed that upon exposure they caused respiratory diseases and other illnesses. Though this knowledge was discovered, to a certain extent they are still being used. Many farms only need their workers to wear gloves and masks to protect themselves. Not only do they cause harm to the people, but they're causing our vegetables and fruit to be covered with these dangerous agents. Customers are told to wash their own fruit before swallowing, however the residue or film of the poisonous agents are still left to the fruit on several occasions.

Are there any companies out There who care and are developing eco-friendly products? Yes, you can find and thank goodness for that. One product is called BioVinegar. BioVinegar is made from white vinegar and Acetic Acid, it is effective against repelling rodents such as mice and other pests. Farms that advertise to be ecofriendly will be in great hands by using this product. It's been researched and tested and has turned out to be an organic, biodegradable product. What this means in simple terms, a good washing of the fruit and vegetables that this product had come in contact with is a lot safe for you and your household.

Another product is called FunyBach10percent .This particular product is perfect for ecological agriculture. It's safe and harmless. The job of this product is to rid of fungus and bacteria. Once upon a time it had been thought that in order to get rid of fungus, you had to use something that was poisonous to people, this was all but a myth. Funybach10% is equally effective and safe.

As more families around The world started to take seriously the realization of harmful ingredients being Used in pesticides and resist it, the closer we'll be to all farming products Being eco-friendly. More on our site herbicida ecológico.

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