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As for the price of auto parts, aside from the age of the vehicle there is the make and model. In this case foreign car parts are much more expensive than domestically made cars. Most people who buy foreign cars don't realize this or even think about it until it comes time to get their vehicle repaired. Then they get hit with the bill and their eyes pop out of their head. For example, an oil filer for a 2005 Buick Century is about $2.98. The same oil filter for a Honda CRV is $3.98. It's basically the same filter for the Honda but it costs $1.00 more. That comes out to a 33% markup on a relatively cheap part. Imagine that same 33% markup on a part that costs $60 for the Buick. You'd be paying about $80 for the same part for the Honda.

A French door set with the door jam (standard 60-inch set) can run $329 -- but prowl the junkyards near me for this... you can find a full set (usually with the jam) for as little as $60. This is the kind of thing you tell the junkyard worker to keep an eye out for and call you if he or she gets one in. Tip them well and they will call you when the "good stuff" comes in. This will save you a bundle!


If you're concerned about keeping up with traffic, don't be. Just make sure you get a motor that is powerful enough to counteract the weight of your vehicle, including the batteries you are going to install. Electric motors have a lot more torque available, so acceleration is not a problem. This is not a slow electric golf cart you are building. It is quick, responsive and smooth. At stop lights you will be able to keep up with any vehicle off the line.

Buying a starter kit is a good option if you don't want to search through salvage yards and you're not as concerned with initial costs. A good starter kit should run you around a thousand dollars.

If you are really on a shoestring budget, all you need is to search for the different home windmills parts in various junk yards. You will get everything, from the batteries to the tower for less than $300.

You can either buy or build an arbor, a framework upon which you can grow vines and climbing flowers. Be sure to measure your outdoor swing first so you can buy an arbor of the right size or the correct amount of building materials for a do-it-yourself project. Plants that work well on arbors include ivy, sweet pea, roses, honeysuckle, wisteria, morning glories, and more. But not every plant will perform equally well in the same spot; some like shade, and some like sun. If you need help determining which plants would thrive around your outdoor swing, consult a gardening friend or a salesperson at a plant nursery.

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