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Inflatable slides are great for the entire family, especially the kids. Not only are they going to get outside and have fun in the sun, but they will be exercising and experiencing different skills that they will need as they grow older.image If you are interested in a pool slide, here are some things that we found that may be of help. First off, we found that most slides are inflatable. These types of slides are the best because they are easy to inflate and deflate which allows for easy storage in the winter months. Beyond that, they are also much safer than your typical slide. Kids cannot get cut on the edge of the slide and they are also not as steep.

Second, kids love these slides because they can move them around the pool to exactly where they would like it. Unlike big slides that once installed, they cannot be moved, an inflatable slide is easy to move around. This is great if you have friends over and you need the extra room for chairs or furniture. The last thing about inflatable slides is that they are inexpensive. You can find a durable and long lasting slide that will keep your kids busy for hours, days, and years on end. Always be sure that when you go to purchase a slide that is contains a warranty. These slides can pop and a warrant is also a great idea so you can always take it back and replace it.

If you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday at home, you need time for preparation. There are many things you need to organize such as invitations, decorations, food, and entertainment. As the organizer of the party, it is important to make arrangements according to the young guests. There is nothing better than having a bounce house at your home and you can buy the Best Quality Residential Bounce House for your child’s birthday party. The joy doubles for kids when they see a bounce house because it is such a pleasant surprise. With bounce house, they will thoroughly enjoy the party. Buying a bounce house is one-time investment. You buy one and then use it for different occasions.

1. Quality of bounce house: The material of the bounce house should be puncture-proof and high-grade with commercial material. 2. Space for installing the bounce house: You may need a large space for bounce house installation. Whether you are installing a small bounce house or a big one, a large open space is required around the bounce house. 3. Choose type of bounce house: There are a variety of bounce houses available with many additional features. If you are organizing a summer birthday party then you can choose a bounce house with water slides. Kids will love the combination of bouncing and splashing.

You can also choose a bounce house with additional features such as a basketball hoop, volleyball net, Water Slide sprays, and more. 4. Warranty: A warranty of at least 90 days is important when buying a bounce house. The warranty assures that the product is of good quality. Under warranty, the product can easily be repaired or replaced in case of any tear or problem. If you are planning to buy a Best Quality Residential Bounce House for sale in the USA, choose Bounceland. They offer the best quality bounce houses in different colors, sizes, shapes, and features. All of the bounce houses they offer come with a 90 day warranty. They also have bounce houses with additional features.image They provide fast shipping in the USA and Canada. Their bounce houses are available at the best value and at discounted rates.

LEMONT, IL — The Lemont Park District unveiled its two new bounce houses at the annual New Year's Eve event at the CORE. The bounce houses were given by the Lemont Park Foundation. The park district said it offers a wide variety of events throughout the year that utilize the bounce houses. From the H2O Egg-Venture to Fall Fest to Independence Day and the New Year's Eve Bash, nearly 7,000 people attend district special events annually. With more people, the park district said the waiting in line for the inflatable also increases. To serve the agency's growing programs and events, the park district said it was in much need of an additional inflatable feature to accommodate the rise in attendees. Additionally, the current bounce house had reached the end of its life, so two new bounce houses were needed.

With two inflatables, the park district said one will be designated for kids three and under, and the other for kids four and up. The park district requested assistance from the Lemont Park Foundation to provide two new 15-foot bounce houses, which the foundation provided. The Lemont Park Foundation is made up of volunteers in the community. The park district said the group improves, provides, and expands the Lemont Park District's parks, programs, facilities and resources to improve the quality of life for residents. In recent years, the foundation has raised funds for new mobile computer labs for the park district preschool, and has donated the outdoor/indoor movie screen. Photos provided by Lemont Park District. You're now signed up for local updates.

Inflatable obstacle course deliver unforgettable fun to any event! Whether it’s a kids party or a corporate function, these obstacle courses and inflatable games are fun, exciting, and extremely entertaining. From little kids to full-grown adults, everyone will love a party that features an obstacle course! Commercial inflatable obstacle courses have become very popular for many different types of events. These obstacles not only provide hours of fun but can be used as team building exercises as well. Inflatable obstacle courses are not just for kids anymore. Adults can have fun as well as experience team building in order to enhance the work and work environment. Bouncer Depot offers many different inflatable obstacle courses for sale in various colors and themes. If you do not find the right color or theme; contact us and we will work with you in order to get you a custom obstacle course. You can purchase your inflatable with confidence knowing that the price you pay will be the lowest you find and if you find a cheaper price we will match it. You will have a 30-day return policy and a 3-year warranty on all your inflatables.

Inflatable bounce houses and slides are popular games among children and adults of various ages. They are great entertainers for kids at any kind of party, occasion or at home and are available in various sizes and come in a wide range of colors, shapes and themes to suit your taste and needs. Our bounce house rentals are taking the world by storm. People often don’t know what to call them though: bounce house, moonwalks, jumpers, bouncers or even a kid’s party inflatable thing. We call them fun and we have a great selection with all of your favorite characters.

At Bounce Plus LLC, we specialize in supplying unique interactive inflatables such as bounce castles, mega bounce, sports arena, jump sports combo, cartoon themed bounce castles and slides. We also have inflatable slides, water slides, chairs and tables, and concessions including: popcorn machines, sno-kones and cotton candy. We also have rental concessions, party equipment rentals, interactive inflatable rentals, tables, tents, chairs, margarita machines and all other stuff needed to make any party a booming success across San Antonio, Helotes, Alamo Ranch, Boerne, Spring Branch and nearby areas. We offer the most complete line of party and event inflatables in our area at affordable prices! If you're planning a small event, corporate shindig or other outdoor family party in San Antonio, Helotes, Alamo Ranch, Boerne, SpringBranch and nearby areas. Be it a birthday party or any kind of celebration, our bounce houses and inflatables can be inflated at any time and carried around during excursion or picnics for a perfectly enjoyable time.

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