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Suitable for adults and children. 45ft mega inflatable obstacle/assault course suitable for chilren up to 16.image This has been designed specifically for us to have a huge slide - not the usual small slides this has to be seen to be appreciated. Kids will love our 36 foot long Mega Assault Course! It is a real child pleaser on offer at an Amazing Price! Bound in the front, push through the obstacles and slide out the back! A fully featured inflatable with superb digitally printed artwork in a amazing Jungle theme, fully webbed bed and fantastic biff & bash and interior crawl tunnels. Bounce and slide with our amazing range of baouncy castles with added slide! Giant slide for super fun at any party or event! Bounce and bounce with our amazing range of bouncy castles!image Need a bouncy disco, Gladiator duel, a bit of jousting, bungee run? We have it all and more!

General Group always brings endless fun and rich experience for all ranks of people including children, businessmen, party organizers and so on. As we well known that, inflatable products are always widely welcomed all over the world. We are the most professional manufacturer in inflatable fields with more than 10 years experience and offer a series of Inflatable Slides, Blow Up Obstacle Courses, slip and slide for sale. You can not burn the candle at both ends. But try to contact us then you can find benefits and fun also can be attainable at the same time. Getting your feet on the ladder and enjoying the surprise with us. 1. We have a team of professional and experienced artisans who have been in this line for more than 15 years. We can designs top of the line, clean and safe jumpers, combos and slides that will certainly add lots of fun to your special occasion! 2. We adopt many new materials to meet our different clients’ demand. The material for our inflatable is best Plato 0.55mm 18oz PVC tarpaulin (commercial grade), which is known for it's durability, tear strength, and long lasting quality. 3. We utilize at least double needle safety sewing by continuous filament nylon threads, highly abrasion resistant and rot proof materials that can withstand great force (17kg) before tearing.

This is a monstrous 27 foot, double-lane water slide that sends riders down the slide an into a wicked right-hand turn before sending them crashing into the splash pool at the end. The Surf the Curve Inflatable Water Slide from Tent and Table is the tallest in their inventory, making it the ideal inflatable water slide for adults. The inflated landing zone is safe in both wet and dry conditions. The Surf the Curve Water Slide has triple thread seams with an additional glue seam for an optimum seal, to prevent water from seeping inside the inflatable. Additionally, this triple seam and additional glue helps to keep dirt and sand from entering the seams, prolonging the life of the slide, and the fun. The climbing area, top launch platform, and entrance area feature the added safety of non-slip grip material, giving you greater peace of mind when used wet. The splash zone has two built-in drains that keep the water level ideal for users of all ages.

There are so many times when individuals who reside in the state of Michigan are interested in hiring specific items for their parties. Some individuals rent different items especially for their children's birthday parties. Still other individuals are looking to rent larger items for weddings, graduation parties or any other special event in their lives. One of the items that are rented from a party rental company is a tent rental. Tents are rented for various events, perhaps the most popular being to house a wedding ceremony or reception. Many Tent rentals Michigan will help the individuals involved in the event understand what size of a tent and shape. There are tents available that are round or the more popular size, the long rectangle.

Rental tents are usually brought to the site for you and put up by experts who are knowledgeable about how to make sure that the tent is secure. No one wants to have a tent collapse on you in the middle of your special event. For a kid's party, especially for smaller children, try renting a bounce house for their entertainment. Bounce house rental Michigan can help you choose the style of bounce house that you want. If you are hosting an event for a little girl, a bounce house in the style of a princess castle. For a little boy, a colorful square bounce house may be just the right choice.

Bounce houses come in other shapes and sizes and most children love to have time to play on these rentals. Set up a bounce house at your next children's party and see how much fun the children will have. A Moonwalk rental Michigan is basically the same thing as a bounce house, but with a couple of additional features. The moonwalk will most likely include a slide, ladder or other items attached to the traditional bounce house. This will make the rental a little more expensive but can be worth the extra cost when you see your child's eyes. Moonwalk and bounce house rentals can be had in smaller and larger versions, depending upon the space that you have to fit it in your yard. You will no doubt find the perfect size for your party. Renting one of these items can really add to the life of your party.

In addition, when there is something for smaller children to do, it is so much easier for the adults to enjoy themselves. Rentals are usually rented by the hour or the half day. Individuals who are interested in renting these items should decide just what they want and put in their reservations early. These types of rentals are usually grabbed up rather quickly. Take the time to look online for a party rental center near you in the state of Michigan. Of course, if you do not reside in a larger town or city, there may be a drive but it will be worth it to add one of these items to your fun day.

Inflatable Slides are an exciting way to liven up any event! Inflatable Slides are a way to attract kids old and young! Whether it be a single line slide, double line slide, Water Slide, or custom slide of any shape or size you are sure to have a huge success! We have inflatable slides ranging from 15’ H to 26’ H or customize your own design! Our design team is here to help you create something exciting, such as Tide Slide which has proven to be a crowd pleaser. If you have a product you are trying to advertise why not incorporate a logo or 3D shape, such as the GLIDDEN PAINT CAN SLIDE. Leave a fun lasting impression with everyone in the crowd. Inflatable Design Group offers a variety of choices for fun, safe interactive inflatables! Inflatable Slides can be used just about anywhere from backyard parties, corporate events, fan zones, sporting events and so much more! Let us help you design your next inflatable slide!

Tents Tables & Chairs Rental Agreement Service Area Inflatable Slides are a takeoff of the inflatable Bounce House. Inflatable water slides are a great way to cool off in the hot summer heat or to use as dry slides at events where water is not appropriate. Bounce Nation has a large selection of inflatable slides approved for use with water. When allowed Water slides will be picked up the next day if possible. 100 refundable cleaning deposit due on delivery No exceptions. 100 cleaning deposit back please have slide inflated, clean and dry by the next morning for pick up. It is very difficult to pick up a water slide that is full of mud and water. It also requires extra time and manpower to do so. Thank You for your understanding. There will be NO hard surface set ups of water slides. Click on the image or title to get more information. Visit our Service Area page for more details.image © Bounce Nation Inc. All rights reserved.

At Fancy Pants Party Rentals we do fun with style.

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