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And get all of these benefits! Unbeatable Quality at Unbeatable Price! Made in USA from top quality materials! Our inflatables come with 3 years warranty!image Blower, Patch Kit & more included! Unbeatable Prices, Volume Discounts, Package Deals & more! We at BouncerLand have been manufacturing inflatable bounce houses in the USA for well over 15 years. The knowledge and experience we have gained from our time spent in this ever growing industry has given us the skill to create almost anything that inflates and still meet any safety standard imposed by any region. If you are looking for a US manufactured heavy duty commercial inflatable bounce house at a wholesale price - You are at the right place!

Then, you will arrive at a split path. If you keep going forward, you will find the shop for the Demon Mask. However, you need a decent jump power to be able to jump over one of the large ledges. If you turn left, you will come across 6 more blocks with a left turn. They get higher all the way to a small hole at the end, with a royal jelly just inside it. When you go through the hole, you end up on top of the awning inside the Noob Shop (so you don't need to re-do the obby backwards; you can just exit out the shop door).

You can bypass this obby by jumping and gliding from the shelf above the hat and belt to the top of the awning. You need seriously enhanced jumping ability to do so (Beekeeper's Boots at minimum, plus Bear Morph if you have it), and you may need the Glider instead of the Parachute. The design of the Cloud obstacle course, behind polar bear. This is the last obby that you can reach. It is located in the 15 bee gate zone, starting close to Polar Bear, and ending on the tallest tree in the Pine Tree Forest. You will require the Parachute or Glider to pass it.

To the left of Polar Bear, climb the cliffs to the highest one. Using the parachute, make the jump to the next two cliffs. Turn left and jump/glide along the tops of the four clouds. You will see the entrance to the Diamond Room on this cloud but turn left again and jump/glide to another cloud. Then jump/glide again to the top of the pine tree and you will find the royal jelly is right on the top. You can bypass this obby with the parachute and the Red Cannon. Or skip part of the obby by jumping off the 25 bee zone with the parachute or glider to increase the distance you go.

The Diamond Room is a room located at the Cloud Obby. There is an entrance to the room which welcomes you with a glitter token, a Diamond Mask and a sky-blue room with 2 partially invisible moons serving as parkour. The moons have collision at night if you have the Moon Amulet, allowing you to jump on them to reach the other side. In the day, or you don't have the Moon Amulet, the moons are not collidable. If you attempt to cross during the day, you will fall through the moons and die. You are able to complete the Obby during the day by using the Bear Morph, Haste x10, and the Glider to glide over to the Diamond Mask without the use of the moons.

Note that the game only checks if you have the Moon Amulet every time day changes to night, so if you bought a Moon Amulet at nighttime you may not be able to do the parkour immediately. The 30 Bee Zone Obstacle Course is located right of Onett. During the day the moons leading to on top of the bear gate are slightly invisible and not solid making it inaccessible during the day. During the night parkour up to the bear gate with items which enhance you jump and speed.The moon platforms will lead you up to the Bubble Bee Man. He will give you the quest B.B.M mission after you complete the Bee Bear quest line. If you walk further you can find a present token which will give you a present.

Air Jump specializes in Bounce House Rentals in the Arlington, Mansfield, Grand Prairie, Fort Worth, Dallas, Southlake, Frisco, Plano and surrounding DFW area, as well as throughout the state of Texas for larger events. A common search online for Bounce House Rentals Near Me will locate our website and the Party Rentals we currently have available for rent. Our Bouncy Houses are the most popular Inflatable Rentals we carry.image These Jumper Rentals feature themes such as Sponge Bob, Bouncy Castle, Puppy, Tiger and many other themed bounce houses. Bounce House Rentals are great for birthday parties and carnivals. However, we also feature Water Slides and Games, Inflatable Obstacle Courses, Carnival Games, Photo Booths, Mechanical Rides, Inflatable Play Systems and many other themed party rentals. We are a Mansfield, Texas-based Party Rental company and provide Birthday party rental services within the DFW Metroplex-only. Minimum rental amount is required and subject to change.

With summer weather being so short lived and wonderful, many kids would prefer to spend the majority of their time outdoors. However, they can get bored rather quickly of riding their bikes, playing hopscotch and jump rope, and drawing with chalk. Wooden swing sets, residential playsets, and inflatable bounce houses are the perfect solution to this problem.image With summer weather being so short lived and wonderful, many kids would prefer to spend the majority of their time outdoors. However, they can get bored rather quickly of riding their bikes, playing hopscotch and jump rope, and drawing with chalk. Wooden swing sets, residential playsets, and inflatable bounce houses are the perfect solution to this problem.

Wooden swing sets come with so many great and affordable options these days that it is nearly impossible for your children to get bored or sick of them. In addition to the joys of swinging that all children love, there are many more activities that these great units have. For example, if your child is athletic or adventurous, there are rock climbing walls and mountain climbing walls that come on many residential playsets now. There are also monkey bars on most wooden swing sets which provide a very fun activity for little ones to try and conquer. Many residential playsets have a variety of slides as well, including wave ones and tube ones. Some wooden swing sets even have multiple forts in them, so there is plenty of room for your kids to run around.

Some residential playsets come with rings, which kids can use to do flips and test their strength. Many wooden swing sets also include built in picnic tables so kids have someplace in the shade to go and take a break. Another great option many residential playsets have is built in sandboxes. Your little ones will love being able to build sand castles in their own backyard and be able to squish the sand between their toes. They can also play with their dump trucks and buckets and shovels in the sand and have hours of fun while never leaving the confines of their wooden swing sets!

Inflatable bounce houses are another great outdoor summer activity for kids. They are great fun at family reunions, cookouts, birthday parties, and get togethers as well. All of the cousins, siblings, and friends will have a blast jumping up and down together and all of the parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents will love watching the kids be goofy and have a good time. There are even a wide variety of themed inflatable bounce houses for children of all ages. Little ones can choose the one they like the best based on the design, their interests, or their favorite colors. Some are shaped like space ships, and some are designed after princess castles.

Lots of pink and little turrets make these kids moonwalks a little girls dream home. Others are even decorated in fun colors like red, yellow and blue. Some inflatable bounce houses are made to function as a ball pit as well. You can buy boxes of balls in bright fun colors and watch your little ones have a blast jumping with them and around them.

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